What follows is just a small sample of my artwork. As you can see, I love French Impressionism, the influence of which can be seen reflected in my artwork. I hope to span more and more genres as I grow as an artist. Check back regularly for my latest works and thanks for visiting!

White Pizza with Sausage

Waterfall in Washimaya

Wanna Play a Board Game

Vanilla Ice Cream

Two Birds

Tower of Pisa, Rome


Three Penguins



Sunflowers in a Green Vase

Still-Life with Three Books

Still-Life with Railroad Lantern

Still-Life with Persimmons

Still-Life with Kiwi-Fruits and Strawberries

Still-Life with Black Grapes

Still-Life - Guitar, Drum, Pillow

Still-Life - Boots, Urn, Candle, Vegetables

Self-Portrait with Suit and Cap

Self-Portrait in Striped Polo

Self-Portrait in Sportscoat and Red Tie

Purple Cushion on a Blue Chair

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Rome

Landscape with Trees and Fence

Landscape with Palm Trees, Towers, and Blue Sky

Landscape with Palm Trees and Stormy Sky

Jupiter Inlet, Florida

Head of a Dog

Gazebo in Versailles, Paris

Four Birds

Cookies and Coffee

City Lights, no. 2

City Lights, no. 1

Cathedral, Orvieto

Candy Land

Bowl of Red Apples

Bowl of Fruit with Pot

Boats with Rainbow and Sunset, Florida

Boats at Dock in Sorrento

Black Leather Shoes and Boots

Baked Ziti with Garlic Bread